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My name is Eliyah and I’m 20 years old. I’m from The Netherlands, still live at home in Kerkrade and travel back and forth every day by train. I love spending time with my family and friends and didn’t want to leave everything behind and go to a city far away, so I applied for Psychology at the University of Maastricht and now I’m a second year student. I really enjoy studying here and I fell in love with the city.

I am normally very shy and scared to speak up, so last year I decided to join INCO to meet people and make some friends. I became Head of Promotion and Vice President and I learned a lot throughout the year. INCO contained some pretty amazing people and I am very happy I met them. Even though we had our ups and downs my first year as active member of Luna-tik was unforgettable and I have no regrets or whatsoever for joining them.

This year I will be the Vice President of the board of Luna-tik. My function will be book sale and everything that belongs to it; contact course coordinators so I know


which books to order and to get the Course Manual, order the books, print the Course Manuals, make a schedule for the book sale, and afterwards of course make the realisation to see what we sold. Besides that I will also join PSACO and I’m very much looking forward to it.

As I already said, I’m a shy person but throughout the last year I opened up a little and this will only increase during the coming years since I will have to stay in touch with lots of people. I am open-minded and I love to hear other people’s opinions and ideas. I tend to be a perfectionist and I am always worried about and trying to take care of others. In my free time I like to read and watch Netflix, but also hang out with my friends and do nice things. So, depending on the situation, I can be introverted or extraverted.

I am looking forward to the coming year and I am sure we will have a lot of fun. There will probably be a lot of challenges and it will be tough at some points, but together we will make it an unforgettable year! I cannot wait for all the activities we will have and all the great memories we will make.


Eliyah Hausmanns

Vice President





August 2018
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