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My name is Marlot van Kempen and this year I will be the president of the Luna-tik board.

I’m from a town called Deurne, which is where the infamous Dutch snack the “frikandel” was invented (or so says internet..). Before Deurne I have lived in Poland and Romania, where I went to international schools and met many people from all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. I absolutely loved my time in the international atmosphere, which has partly influenced my decision to study in Maastricht.

I have known I wanted to study Psychology since I was about 10 years old. I came in contact with a few psychologists and learned about what they did and knew and decided that I wanted to be like that as well. So, eight years later I arrived in Maastricht and did my Bachelor in Psychology. Right now I am doing my Master in Psychology and Law. I find it extremely interesting and can’t wait to work in this field. Bring on the crazy criminals!

In the first year of my Bachelor I joined the Introduction Camp Committee of Luna-tik, of which I became president. It was a great experience to organize the camp for the first-year students, especially since I really enjoyed my Luna-tik introduction camp. After this I joined the Board Assisting Team for a year. I got a peak at what it’s like to do a board year and decided that it would suit me as well. So I applied for the board of 2016-2017.

Now our time as board has started and I’m enjoying it already! I’m sure this will be a great year and I can’t wait to share it with all of you!

Marlot van Kempen



August 2017
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