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Dear reader,

My name is Anouk Boonstra, I am currently 21 years old and in my second year of Psychology. In my first year I was in TRACO (The Travel Committee) and we organized a unique trip to Poland. I have always loved travelling, exploring and mostly learning in every possible way. When I was given the opportunity of the board, I gave it a lot of thought, and then went for it completely. I am absolutely looking forward to a great interesting new year at this special faculty, studywise and Luna-tikwise.

I am from Geleen, a town next to Sittard. They call Geleen the world’s town but I still don’t get why. I grew up with very open minded parents and I had a lot of jobs next to school. I was always busy learning, not just in school itself. Secretly I have also always loved writing books and will one day dare to publish them.

At age 16 I graduated from high school and enrolled in the bachelor of Art Therapy, which is psychological therapy with art being the way for people to express and change their way of acting and handling life. I constantly made art and loved how much this education teaches you about yourself, your goals and others.

Half way through that bachelor I became ill. I first went to school with high fever for months until it all collapsed and had a year full of innumerable tests until I was finally treated, revalidated and then built up bartender work at a bowling centre. I was already let into this faculty during illness but had to wait a year longer, always at the hospital next to uni. I really learnt appreciating life, and how to watch your limits, body and total health. I really believe this is important: to know yourself, your strengths and your limits.

Right now, I am so unimaginably grateful to study here and have this wild opportunity. Even though I will never have the strength I had before, my willpower has only grown.

I am really looking forward to this year, being a bigger part of Luna-tik, because I fell in love with its spirit in the first year. Our board is currently creating a year with a lot of contacts, committee members and activities. We are full on busy organizing and planning all we can for you. Lastly, directed to anyone new to Luna-tik: don’t be scared to join anything! I did not know anyone when I came along, but you catch up so easily and will definitely not regret it! You can always come and have a chat at our desk and room about anything!

Have a wonderful year full of great experiences, and hopefully I will see you soon.


Anouk, 22nd president of Luna-tik

Faculty of Psychology and Neuroscience


August 2018
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