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PACO represents:
The boss or the woman that knows everything is Antoinet, our dictator. She’s the one who’s keep track of everything and tries to convince the others that her ideas are the best. Then we have Teun, our vice-president, his role is to support Antoinet, but most of the time he’s doing the opposite. Jost is our secretary, which make the most colourful creations of our minutes and will even go in too much detail. Our fourth member is Jill, the treasurer, who likes to spend a lot of money on drinks, sometimes a little bit too much… Our head of promotion is the guy with no soul, Thom! He’s responsible for the first impression of our drinks and parties, how that turned out, think about that yourselves. Freshman #1 is Carlijn, she just wants to drink a lot and at every party she’s searching for people that join her shot squad. Annaliis, another fresh man, may be physically at our meetings, but mentally she’s somewhere out in space. Last but not least, Elias, our last freshman, our nice guy, but even nice guys turn bad if they have a little bit of alcohol.

Together we are the Party Committee of 2016-2017!

We organize the course opening drink on every first Monday of the period and parties during the year. Think about Oktoberfest, Red cup party, Pubcrawls and maybe even a CANTUS. Nothing is too crazy for us!

If you like partying as much as we do, just send an email to or come to our upcoming events and see yourself! And don’t forget to bring your friends.


Antoinet, Annaliis, Carlijn, Jill, Elias, Jost, Teun and Thom



December 2017
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