Sebastian Parusel

Vice President

Hey Everyone!

My name is Sebastian, I am 19 years old and from Germany. I couldn’t wait to study Psychology when I was in high school so after I got my diploma I went straight to Maastricht and loved every single moment here. Of course, there were also some downs, but I learned to accept that, grew a lot and learned to value these experiences which enabled me to focus on the fun side of life.

I am a very easy-going and sarcastic person. If I had to describe myself I would say I am an allrounder, I am open-minded and enjoy basically everything that involves spending time (outside) with people. On the other hand, I love to lie in bed and watch shows. If I find the time, I love to cook and hope that I can
improve my skills this year. Also, I am your next-door foodie, I enjoy nothing as much as a nice dinner and a large glass of (red) wine.

I joined PACO last year quite late and from there I just applied for board because I thought it is fun. Andhow it is! Since then, I had lots of fun with amazing people and I can’t wait to see what the coming year brings.

One of my responsibilities as Vice President is organizing the book sale of Luna-tik. This entails staying in contact with the course-coordinator to know which books and course manuals they use in their courses, ordering the books and course manuals, scheduling the book sale and after the sale making a realization of what we sold. So, if there are any questions about books, feel free to contact me.

Next to that, if needed I help the President with various little things or take over her functions. Additionally, to my board function, I decided to join ACO this year and look forward to organizing lots of fun events.

I cannot wait for this year to kick off and to experience a new adventure and master it.


Vice President