Nastasia Filopovic


Hi everyone!

My name is Nastasia, I am 19 years old and am currently in the second year of my psychology bachelor at Maastricht University. I’m half Maltese, half Serbian and I was born and raised in Malta but at the age of 7, I moved to Brussels, which is where I stayed before coming to Maastricht.

During my first year, I met a lot of amazing people especially in Luna-tik when I joined the party committee (PACO).

It was a lot of fun organizing parties as I met so many amazing people. Because I felt like I was ready for more responsibility, I applied for the board.

As Secretary, I am the first contact person for people that want to contact Luna-tik but next to that I am also Head of Promotion. I make sure that people are up-to-date with what’s happening in the association via our newsletter and the minutes of our meetings.

During my free time, I like to hang out with friends and do fun little things together, like to go to festivals, visit quirky little music shops, and most importantly go eat together. I also really enjoy listening to and discovering new music, as I have a very broad music taste, it goes from Iron Maiden to the Beatles, to Elvis, to Tame Impala, to Pink Floyd, to Mac Demarco, to Louis Armstrong, and many more. I also aspire to become a full-fledged movie buff; I’ve seen all of Tarantino’s movies so far, so I’m slowly getting there.

I found that I like having some responsibility and the feeling I get when something works out, I also really like organizing things so I know that my function as Secretary will be a great fit for me this year.

I am really looking forward to what this year is going to bring! If you ever see me around, don’t be afraid to say hi!