Marene Wellink

Head Of Internal Relations

Hey everyone,

My name is Marene and I am 22 years old. I’m from the Netherlands, to be more precise Eindhoven. However, since November last year I live in my fantastic room in beautiful Maastricht. From the moment I started to study Psychology I joined Luna-tik. I went to the Introduction camp (which was amazing) and then decided to join TRACO (travel committee), which already tells you a bit about me. I love to travel and see and experience other cultures. I immediately fell in love with Maastricht and loved being active within Luna-tik.

I have had a long journey to end up at the University. I started in High school with VMBO-T (one of the lower levels of education in the Netherlands), then went on with HAVO, because I did not know what I wanted to do. When I finished, I started with the study International Media and Entertainment Management in Breda. It was an awesome 1,5 year where I met even more awesome people. I learned a lot about myself, I lived on my own for a year and also learned that this was NOT what I wanted. After 1,5 year I decided to quit and lived in Kansas, USA for 4 months with my family, a really amazing experience. Then I started with a new study called Social Work. This was a better match, but still wasn’t really THE match. I worked hard and, in the end, I got my propedeuse (a certificate that you achieved all your 60 credits of the first year in one year) and got accepted at the University of Maastricht. I am really happy I made the choice to challenge myself even more and until now I do not regret it, because I feel like I found my match.

As you can read I have not been spending my time sitting idle, and that is just the way I like it. In my free time however I am a bit more relaxed. I like to read (if you know any good books, please tell), preferably with a nice cup of tea and a comfy blanket on the couch. I also love to watch series and movies (again if you know any good ones, keep me posted), again preferably with a comfy blanket on the couch. I can also be social, (if I want to) so I also enjoy hanging out with my friends and (lovely) family, with good (gluten free) food and a glass of wine. Every once in a while, you can also find me at a festival or party dancing my heart out. On my wish list is for sure: working and studying abroad for a few years.

I am really excited to see what this year will bring me, looking forward to meeting new people and to work with already the most awesome friends, my fellow board members.

Lots of love, and please don’t be shy to say hi.


Head of Internal relations