Eef Jutten

Head Of External Relations

Hi there!

My name is Eef, I’m 19 years old and I’m currently in my second year of Psychology. Before I moved to Maastricht I lived in a small town called Neerbeek, which is basically not even possible to find on a map. But it’s very close to Maastricht, so I used to commute by train everyday when I started my bachelor.

It was around that time I joined PACO (the Party Committee) and fell instantly in love with Luna-tik and its people. I felt right at home, even comfortable enough to leave my parents house and move to Maastricht. I had a great time organizing and going to these parties. However, I wanted to do something more and applied for the board. No ragrets by the way.

This year I will be Luna-tik’s Head of External Relations. I will be responsible for remaining in touch with our external contacts and make sure both sides are satisfied with the way things are going and improve the contact if needed. In addition to that, I will also look for new sponsors and new (business) opportunities for Luna-tik!

I really like managing contacts and setting up all kinds of little projects so I think my function is a perfect fit for me.

Next to working for Luna-tik I also work for a retirement home. In my free time I like to do things with my friends like going out for food or cocktails (preferably both) or have a cosy night in and play board (pun not intended) games. I am an outgoing person but also need time to calm down after a long week, so I also enjoy a cosy night watching netflix or reading.

The things I love most are probably my two dachshunds, pasta and Africa by Toto.
In summer I love to go to festivals because I think it’s the best feeling to see your favourite band play, shout out to Foo Fighters. I also like to travel but as I’m a broke student that may need to wait for a few more years…

I think this year will be an amazing experience for me and I’ll learn a lot from it. I just hope my fellow board members will be able to put up with my puns throughout the year and don’t get board of them.

I’m looking forward to this year and I hope to see you around!


Head of External Relations