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Head of Internal Relations

Hey peeps,

My name is Julia, I’m 21 years old and I’m from a really small village from the province Saarland in Germany. I’m an easy-going person, I really enjoy listening to music and going to concerts and I love travelling and hiking in beautiful landscapes.

Therefore, I spent some time abroad after I’ve finished High School in 2013. I lived in Tenerife with a Spanish family as their Au-pair and then travelled around Australia, New Zealand and Indonesia. After two years of great experiences I decided to finally do something “productive” and applied in Maastricht to study Psychology.

I joined the INKOM and also the Introduction Camp of Luna-tik and fell in love with the city and the people. The open-mindedness and easiness of the people was so refreshing that I decided to join Luna-tik and became a member of the INCO and the TRACO. I had an amazing time organizing those two trips and found a lot of good friends. Therefore, I’m really looking forward to organize another TRACO trip this year!

In my function as Head of Internal Relations I really hope to be of help to all the committees to maintain a loving atmosphere inside Luna-tik and to support them while organizing any kind of activity, that will bring lots of people together and gives us fantastic memories.

I’m really looking forward to this Board year with all its ups and downs. We will definitely have some discussions and fights, but I’m sure that in the end, we will have fabulous times together and love each other even(!) more.


Julia Gros

Head of Internal Relations


August 2017
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