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Hi Everyone.
My name is Moritz, I am 22 years old and from Germany. Before I started studying here at UM, I worked 3 years as an EMT for the German Red Cross.
I love hanging out with friend, reading, watching movies, doing sports (if I can get myself to) and going out to the city.
Now I am a second-year student. So far I really like my time here in Maastricht and even enjoy most of my Courses in psychology, especially if they are somehow brain-related.
Last year around March, I decided it was time to do something besides studying, so I became an active member. Because some of my best friends were already a part, I joined Paco. During my time at Paco, I got to know a lot of awesome people, had a lot of fun, and lust but not least a lot beer and awesome food.
This year I am the Head of Finance, which is actually more fun than it sounds like (really!). I am in control of Luna-tiks finance. I check that the committees get the money they need for their activities, pay the bills and make sure nobody spends too much money.
Being in the board is a lot of work so far, but also very rewarding. I really look forward to the whole year with all of Luna-tiks members, as part of the Board, but also as a member of Paco and ACO.

Yours, Moritz
Head of Finance




August 2018
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