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Head of External Relations

Hey guys!

My name is Carlijn Lambrichs and I am 19 years old. Before I came to Maastricht I lived in a city called Woerden, which is in the province of Utrecht. I had the absolute best of times there, and I still have whenever I go back to my family and friends, but I thought it was time for a change. So, I left everything and everyone behind and started a new chapter in Maastricht, where I began to study Psychology. I am now in my second year of the bachelor and very much enjoying it still!

Last year I joined the Party Committee (PACO) and Ball Committee (BACO), and I had a lot of fun doing that. Both committees had a lot of creative and fun minds, which made organising events with them even more fun! So much fun, that I couldn’t leave them this year. 🙂

This year I will be the Head of External Relations of Luna-tik. My function is to maintain good contact with sponsors and other external contacts. Check if both parties are still content with how the contact has been/is going, and discussing how it can be improved (if needed). Next to that I also will look for new sponsors. I think that being in the board of Luna-tik is going to teach me a lot of things and is going to help me develop myself further.

I am a very easy-going person, I love to meet new people and to be around people. Especially my family and friends, I don’t know what I would do without them. What I like to do in my free time is listen to music, play tennis, go for a run, hang out with friends and do all kinds of fun activities, watch series on Netflix, go out for dinner, going to parties, going on vacations etc.

I think this year is going to be awesome, and me and the others are going to have a lot of fun (even more than we’ve already had). And I am curious to what adventures we will be having and what kind of great memories I will have gathered in a year. Probably a lot because Moritz, you’re crazy.


Carlijn Lambrichs

Head of External Relations


August 2018
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