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Dear reader,

You stumbled upon a brand new committee within Luna-tik: The Career Committee. The CACO team of this year consists of: Matt (President), Julia (Head of Finance), Babett (Secretary) and Anouk (Vice-president) – from left to right in the picture.

We know that lot of students are not sure yet what they want to do after university and are uncertain about finding a job as a psychology major. That’s where we step in. Our main goal is to organize events that focus on gaining professional skills and career development. This year, we are working hard to offer you unique workshops, trainings and other academic activities that help us reach our common mission.

Our purpose is to help you grow towards a future full of skills. We strive to inspire students to reach their full potential, and to have fun in the process! Moreover, because students have shown interest in voluntary projects and workfield information, we are keen on connecting alumni to current students – in the form of engaging events for all and perhaps even a special career day and/or volunteer day.

Do you want to extend your professional network? Do you want to broaden your understanding of possible career paths and opportunities for psychologist? Are you passionate about event management? If so, this committee might be the one for you, to join or to help. We sincerely look forward to see you at (one of) our upcoming events! And who knows, you might want to join us.

CACO 2017-2018

August 2018
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