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Hi guys!

We are the Ball Committee, better known as BACO! Apart from the fact that we love to pour baco’s (Bacardi-cola) down our throats, we also have a soft spot for glamourous and fancy things. That’s why we are super excited to organize Luna-tik’s annual ball of 2018. Our BACO boss is Carlijn, making sure we keep our shit together, while we try to organize the best annual ball ever. Making sure she doesn’t lose it, we’ve got Thijs as our vice-president, a brave man. It takes having BALLS to enter the battlefield of organizing an event with 6 women. Pun intended. Our secretary, Réka, keeps track of our brainstorms at every meeting. We wouldn’t be able to see the wood for the trees without her. Kristel is BACO’s treasure(r) and makes sure that every penny invested will be absolutely worth it. We’re students after all! We want to give you the most glamourous night of your life, but we don’t want you to be broke. Sanne is the person you should compliment if you are blown away by the venue on the night of the ball, she will do the best she can as head of decorations. Then, there is Eline, whose first priority as head of promotion is to make sure everyone at FPN will know that they HAVE to join our annual ball! And last, but certainly not least, we have Saskia as our leader in the big Battle of the committees, always motivating us to keep earning those points.
We are very excitedly arranging things already and looking forward to seeing you in your most glamourous outfits!

August 2018
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