27 February 2019

26.04.2019-28.04.2019 Luna-tik’s Annual Camp 2019

The weekend that everyone has been looking forward to is finally in our near future! ANCO (Annual Camp Committee) has been working hard to organize the most fun weekend of this year for you. Join us on this amazing trip to a cozy house in Belgium and enjoy the quality time with your friends and friends you will meet at this camp!

The weekend includes:
– Accommodation for the weekend
– Breakfast, dinner, snacks, everything you can ask for
– Fun games and activities
– Great people and atmosphere
– CANTUS (what’s better than having your bed within 10 meters distance after this)
– The most lovable committee that wants to make sure you are having a great time!

We hope to see many of you at the camp.

The Annual Camp Committee

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