2 September 2018

Booksale PERIOD 1

Dear students,

We welcome you to the start of the new academic year and wish you all the best for your studies!
As it is the start of a new Period, we would like to inform you, that you can buy your books for your bachelor-courses for Period 1 at our Luna-tik desk.
Furthermore you also have the opportunity to buy your Course Manual card for your Academic Year (Year 1 or 2).
With it, you will be able to collect your course manuals printed at the start of each period for your courses
(Note: for 3rd year students the sale of Course Manual cards starts in Period 4.)
We sell these books in collaboration with Boekhandel  Dominicanen.
SPECIAL DEAL for 1st-year students: If you buy all 3 books for your 1st Period you will directly earn back the price you would have to pay for a membership. So if you are still thinking about becoming a member (passive or active), this is the perfect chance to get your membership and profit from discounts for all your future purchases and Luna-tik activities!
The following books will be sold:
Social Behavior
Hogg, Social Psychology 8th Edition
Methods and Techniques
Bordens, Research Design and Methods 10th Edition
Moore, Introduction to the Practise of Statistics 9th Edition (will also be used in Statistics 1 in Period 2)
Personality and Individual Differences
Ashton, Individual Differences And Personality 3rd Edition
Deary, Intelligence A Very Short Introduction
The opening hours are as following:
Mon 03.09 – Fri 07.09 from 9:00 till 16:00
Mon 10.09 – Wed 12.09 from 9:00 till 16:00
Love, your Faculty Association


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