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Want to become an active member?
7 Nov, 2017. 0 Comments. news. Posted By: Promotion Team

Have you ever thought of doing something next to your studies? Why don’t you become an active member of Luna-tik and join a committee?


You can organize a huge variety of activities, if you decide to join one or more of our 8 committees.

You can choose from:

  • PSACO: where you  can organize psychology-related lectures, workshops and excursions.
  •  PACO: where you can organize any kind of theme-party or drink.
  • CACO: where you can organize for career- or skill-focused workshops in cooperation with external organizations and companies.
  • ACO: where you can organize any kind of activity (i.e., paintball, cinema, ice-skating, swimming, escape room).
  • TRACO: where you can organize a trip to an international city.
  • BACO: where you can organize a fancy ball.
  • INCO: where you can organize our Introduction Camp.
  • ANCO: where you can organize our Annual Camp for all members.

Being in a committee means:

o Meeting with fellow psychology students about once a week.
o Usually you will also have dinner at someone‘s place.
o Being free to organize whatever activity you are interested in or what might be useful/fun for others

You can find more about the committees here on the site or you can contact our Head of Internal Relations
via intern@luna-tik.nl for more information.

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